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Euphonix System 5 Mc

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 03:40
by Rad
Great setup speeds up the work flow like you wouldn't believe. that said I have just purchased the Vcube to go with my pmx setups along with the system 5
I have noticed that in the app sets in the system 5 that it has a setup for controlling Vcube, My question is do I have to add a oasis key to the vcube for it to function or does it work without it. Does the vcube see the System 5 or vice versa, I will receive the Vcube next week waiting for it to ship, but I am curious about how the system 5 and vcube will work together will it be like in pmx which is great.

Re: Euphonix System 5 Mc

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 13:21
by Mario
Hello Rad,

what a interesting system you will have!

I can´t help you in a direct way, but I can tell you that you have two option:
To let the MC control Pyramix and Vcube (you will have to buy an oasis key), but maybe you will have to work harder to get the three devices to work in tandem
To integrate Vcube and Pyramix (which is natural) as a whole system and let the MC to control this system seems easier and it will be easier to get support from Merging and Euphonix in the case you need it :-)

I will like to like to know better about your experience with MC and pyramix



Re: Euphonix System 5 Mc

Posted: Tue Jan 27, 2009 07:57
by Rad
Hey Mario,
I have the Oasis key for Pyramix works great. I just installed my Vcube system tonight. I set up the Pc with the Eucon workstation client for the system 5, set the system 5 MC so it can see the workstation in the mc setup page and attached it to a workstation button, loaded Vcube and Vt and that was it. As soon as you hit the workstation button on the MC for the Vcube the Mc changes for Vcube control with all the functions for Vcube. Works great. As for my experience with this set up. The workflow is a lot faster than with a keyboard and mouse, you have better control of your edits and with full control of all your vs3 and vst plug-in's and not having to look at your screen to see what you are doing is a big bonus. Automation and fade control is smoother and the ability to work with PMX,Nuendo,protools and Vcube all at the same time and lock sections of the System 5 to each daw is great, the versatility of this system is unreal, and the support for both is great.. I find that I concentrate more on being creative on my projects and interact more with the client, instead of trying to read and find things in the menus. everything is at you finger tips and you can set the system up anyway you like. There is no limit. as for Vcube I will play more tommorow with it, I have a 5.1 mix at the end of the week and will be using the vcube for it.


Re: Euphonix System 5 Mc

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2009 14:52
by Mario
Hey Ross,

great to hear your system is working fine!


Re: Euphonix System 5 Mc

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 17:36
by klaukholm
Just started setting up our MC Pro here, it looks very promising for controlling our Pyramix and ProtoolsHD from the same surface.