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The Last TANGO In Paris, Memphis or anywhere?

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 00:52
by RickTarrant
My workflow is so dependent upon my TANGO controller that I often worry what I might do if she dies.

So I was extremely saddened to receive this from SmartAV today. Evidently I'm the last to know.


On Thursday, July 16, 2015, Roger Savage <> wrote:
Hi Rick.
I am sorry you did not get the notice that was sent out some time ago see below.
What version of Pyramix are you on ? Tango works well upto V9 but it does not work completely for V10.


Dear Tango users,

I am sorry to inform you but SmartAV is no longer making or selling consoles or Tangos. This unfortunately means that there will no longer be any ongoing support, and takes immediate effect.

The company will not be disappearing and we will still be holding some spares and components. You may e-mail us at for any requests for parts.

For all the Pyramix users, I am happy to say that Merging will continue supporting you, and they also are holding a good inventory of spare parts.

One of the reasons for this decision is that our customer base - professional users of Cubase, Nuendo, Logic and Pyramix - is not an expanding market and therefore it is no longer financially viable to produce this high-end product in such small numbers.

We made every effort to convince Avid to licence the EuCon protocol to us which would have dramatically increased the number of potential customers and given us access to the Pro Tools user base, but the door has been closed on that for a long while and they are not interested in talking to us.

We are sorry to have to let go. Particularly when we know that we still have such a loyal and enthusiastic user group out there.

Thank you for your patronage and support.

Re: The Last TANGO In Paris, Memphis or anywhere?

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 20:56
by Julian Gough
RickTarrant wrote: Evidently I'm the last to know.

Well not quite the last. It's news to me.

my dealer told me a few months back that a major Tango firmware update was imminent; though apart from a bug fix release in May, nothing major has appeared.

I've just had a look on the SmartAV forum and their website. It looks like business as usual, there is nothing mentioned to suggest that they are pulling out of the market.

The reasons given in the letter does ring true, the Tango has always been a niche product with a limited market. If they've been unable to license EuCon then there can't really be a viable future for them. Avid have their own hardware which would be up against Tango if they allowed SmartAV to license the protocol, so I can see what Avid are doing. Though the consequences are not good for me. If Pyramix 10 doesn't work reliably with Tango, it will be the most expensive white elephant I've bought.


Re: The Last TANGO In Paris, Memphis or anywhere?

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 02:10
by RickTarrant
You and me both. My Tango 1 at a demo price was a major investment for me. But It made my production in Pyramix a breeze.

I received this email from Merging earlier.
"Hi Rick,

Some V10 features will not be available, or will require some specific mixer (not possible to have legacy and new v10 busses in the same mixer, have to be legacy or new busses):

TANGO I or II users.

o Support up to 5.1 channels (Metering & Monitoring)
o V10 project containing new and legacy Master Buses is not supported. Due to a limitation in your control surface, this will potentially crash your console. So, the Oasis Transport will be DISABLED in your Pyramix Settings. Please follow the steps below to successfully use your project with Your Oasis controller:

1) Once your project is open, convert Your legacy Master Buses to new ones (Right- Click>Bus>Convert ...)

2) Save As... And give your project an amended name

3) Close the project and go into Settings>Controllers and Re-enable the Oasis Controller

4) Open the new project with the converted buses.

Best regards


David Jacques

Tech Support - Merging Technologies

Re: The Last TANGO In Paris, Memphis or anywhere?

Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 10:05
by Seanlewis
I wonder if there is a case for suggesting to Smart AV that they do one last production run based on pre-orders. It would be interesting to see how wide the interest would be. It´s the ´with immediate effect´ that stung.