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Using Ovation with Watchout

Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 21:55
by jcboarders
Hi gang,

I've got a show coming up involving Watchout and Ovation. Basically, there's three 100" monitors representing presenters, and an LED wall. We will have speakers at each monitor. Also will have the main PA.

This show will all be run off of Watchout and we are planning on sending a cue from Watchout via LAN to the ovation. I will then route the audio to the correct speakers and so on...

Has anybody done a similar setup like this? I've been searching for hours on the web and haven't seen the correct way to set up both machines.

As far as I've heard, as long as you name the audio file the same name as it is in Watchout. It should start playing. I just want to know if there's anymore too it.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Using Ovation with Watchout

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 14:05
by Johan_Wadsten
Hi there

so sorry this post got missed. i hope you got the answers you needed in the end. But, just in case you still need the info, here are the things to check:

- The IP device you created in Ovation settings for connection to the display machine is set to port 3039
- you have enabled the device in both the player and controller section
- Player section: set enabled and escape chracter = Carriage Return
- controller section: set enabled and set to Dataton Sync
- cue properties set in Dataton Sync: Choose the IP device you set up in the settings
- Cue Name needs to be identical to the Alternate timeline name (try to keep the name short and dont use spaces.. and CAPS need to be the same as well)

All the best and hope you let us know how it all went!