Giving up on Steinberg- considering pyamix.

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Carl Rusk
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Joined: Thu Jul 25, 2002 17:21
Location: Berkeley, CA USA

Giving up on Steinberg- considering pyamix.

Postby Carl Rusk » Thu Jul 25, 2002 17:33

I am an audio for video professional and I am looking for a system that is not ProTools yet is solid and reliable, fast and easy to edit in and has advanced tools for video post. For example: OMF import that really works and is quickly updated for changes in future Avid versions. Deck control that is smooth and fast. Configurable monitor setups for various surround formats like quad or 5.1 minus center channel.

I am also very attracted to DSD for music projects. Is Pyramix really my answer?

Thank you for your help and advice,

Carl Rusk

Roland Clarke
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Postby Roland Clarke » Thu Jul 25, 2002 19:00

Yup! :wink:

But seriously, Pyramix is ideal for posting to video, the editing is quick and accurate, and managing of media assetts is a dream with the media library (you can even store stock sound effects/atmos in the global library). Things like normalization are instantanious, you can mix to stereo, and surround at the same time. There is dedicated video support for you film boys, and virtual transport is one of the big updates comming in the forthcomming release. IMHO Nuendo isn't in the same league, kinda like a re-badged, turboed up Cubase for studio's. Go for it! You will not regret it. Sound quality is superb too.



Chris Brooks
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Postby Chris Brooks » Fri Jul 26, 2002 00:31

If it's DSD you are interested in then Pyramix is the system to buy. Pyramix also supports PCM sample rates up to 384 kHz anyway so you have quite a few years of future proofing already built in. More than any other system even remotely in the same price range.
As far as stability goes, I recently installed version 4 beta 6 on Win XP and it hasn't crashed yet.
We were looking at Nuendo quite seriously but the video solution was non existent. They promised non linear pictures but then they dropped it because it was too hard. Pyramix has all that so for audio to picture it's the machine to have.
You will miss the segment based processing though. So far the only advantage Nuendo has over Pyramix that I can tell.
Otherwise Pyramix kicks arse.



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