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Postby benoit » Thu Aug 08, 2002 09:41

Hi all,

"I am still fairly new to Pyramix but I can't insert a DX or VST plugin over a mix bus. I can only insert the Mukerinos native plugins over that bus. "
...as stated before, that's correct. In order not to break mykerinos' low-latency realtime capability, the only way to insert dx or vst-stuff is to do it on playback tracks. Using it on busses would mean: disc - mykerinos - strip - aux - bus - output - back to cpu - fx - back to mykerinos - output, what would kill what we all love in this system: perfect phase on channels & bus-returns!

"Such a shame when there are great multiband limiter plugins out there."
...Vincent Burel developped a multiband compressor-limiter for pyramix called the C10/D10. It's a very powerfull mastering tool.
Some more things in this direction are in the bag.

"Not that it's a bad limiter or anything, in fact it's not bad at all, but it would be nice to have some options. "
...Gael Martinet optimized the bustools in many ways. It turned out excellent! Will be available in 4.1.

"As good as pyramix is, I don't think its mix facilities are quite there yet. Fine for jazz/classical, but for rock stuff and complex mixes I'm using Logic Audio"
...I use pyramix for "big mixes", and can achieve things that wouln't work in Logic (or in any non-dsp solution). However, I went for 3 cards in order to feel free to do what I have in mind, and still often use outboard gear for reverbs.
I know Logic quite well: what are you missing from there?


Roland Clarke
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Dear Benoit

Postby Roland Clarke » Thu Aug 08, 2002 13:03

Well lets start with sample replacement, midi. Its slow and cumbersome to insert plugin's within pyramix, and in logic I can run over a hundred plugin's, complete with virtual instruments if required.

Pyramix is a far more professional system, and I would never dispute that, editing with pyramix is a dream also. VB plugin's sound great, but the interfaces are, in my experience, truly awful. Switch an EQ in, you obviously want to use it, so why is the default all bands off? Also with the Pyramix mixer it is difficult to see what is exactly going on. Logic has in my view some advantages for a 70 channel mix with lots going on. I don't use a lot of reverbs these days, and I appreciate that you can go out of the box if you really need to use an outboard reverb, although I have found some plugins that very often or not can do what I require.

I've also come across a small bug when importing CD from the disc drive. Pyramix isn't able to make sure that the import has data integrity, clicks and pop's and stutters that are not present on playing from a stand alone unit appear in the imported version. Maybe this is to do with disc read speed issues, its something that I would like to report back to Merging though.

Please do not missunderstand my view of Pyramix. I think its an exceptional system, and the possiblities are tremendous. I don't take purchases of new gear lightly and I think the system is great, and will only improve with time.



Vincent Burel
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Re: Dear Benoit

Postby Vincent Burel » Fri Aug 09, 2002 14:24

Roland Clarke wrote:
VB plugin's sound great, but the interfaces are, in my experience, truly awful. Switch an EQ in, you obviously want to use it, so why is the default all bands off?

Hello, interesting remark. it's not forbiden to contact me to tell it to me too :-) I remind the advantage of the software is that it can be updated for free ! :-)

Well, there is mainly 2 points to explain why all the cell are OFF by default.
- Historically this plug-in was optimized to process only the active cells.
- Now, When OFF, the processing is a true ALLPASS, if ON not, even if the gain is null

Now, i can reconsider these points, you just have to explain me what do you want exactly and why.

Vincent Burel

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Postby agikas » Sat Aug 24, 2002 21:31

Sterkola wrote:Hi.

Just thought I'd let you know that there's a new version of Ultrafunk plugins ready, both Direct-X and VST. Check it out:


are they compatible with Pyramix?
Alexis Ghikas
Athens Greece