Pyramix pc set up

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Pyramix pc set up

Postby arvidgunardi » Sun Oct 20, 2002 15:31


currently I'm using a WIN 98 with cubase VST24, and DSP factory mixing card. Therefore the dsp factory card would be installed in the PCI bus. If I were to upgrade my pc with a new windows, and still keep my cubase setup for sequencing, and the dspfactory, together with pyramix, would it still work with no problem?

Reason being, I have a lot of unfinished sessions saved under that setup.


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Postby benoit » Sun Oct 20, 2002 15:58

Pyramix works under W2000 or XP only.

I never used the DSP-factory running with Cubase along with pyramix. But I have a smooth operation with the TC-Powercore and an UAD-1 card + pyramix & 3 mykerinos under XP. With an actual machine, you shouldn't get too many problems around the pci-bus - but avoid via-chipsets like the pest!


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Yes it does

Postby Pyromanic » Mon Oct 21, 2002 07:33

yes, this is my config. I´m running Win2k. Pyramix and Cubase one one PC, linket by LTC via emagic Unitor. It works perfect, but I don´t know if the DSP-card got 2k drivers....
best regards