Update the same media referenced for multiple projects?

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Update the same media referenced for multiple projects?

Postby Plec » Sun Aug 11, 2019 20:02

Is there a simple way to have the same media get updated when used in multiple projects? Running a mastering project it would make things a lot more effective to have a separate project to actually record in and another to edit and PQ code and generate masters from.

After I've mastered all the mixes for an album and record these as new audio without topping or tailing anything, I then create a new project, delete all my recording specific plugins and channels and continue to edit and add PQ code final material. The mix engineer then calls back and says "Wow.. for some reason there's a plugin missing on the overhead channel on all the songs on the album. I know the album is done but I just noticed this.. is it OK to send you a new batch of mixes?". Sure thing, anything for you!

In this situation, just replacing the old mixes in the initial project and re-recording them using the exact same file names as before would hopefully, automatically update the same media in the editing project, thus it would just be a matter of opening the second project, double check and go about generating the masters. That's not how it works since Pyramix does not look at actual file names in order to identify the correct media for a project (which is of course a million times safer). But in this situation I would have to first re-record everything and also re-edit everything which takes a ton of time. Basically... all mix updates in any situation could be done A LOT more effective if it's possible to just point a project to use another set of files.

I've looked at the Reconform, Relink Media feature, but I don't have a license to use this it seems, but does that accomplish this exact thing I'm asking?

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Re: Update the same media referenced for multiple projects?

Postby fl » Mon Aug 12, 2019 17:18

When you generated the original mastered files, but before you did the editing, did you save them to a separate media folder? Did you use the "Unique File Name" option when you generated these mixes? Are the NEW files supplied by your client exactly the same length/duration as the originals (to the sample)?

If so, proceed at your own risk as follows, understanding that I have never done this, but it "should" work... Essentially, you want to "fool" Pyramix into thinking that the NEW mastered files you're going to create, are the OLD ones as used by your Editing Project.

First thing, make a zip archive of your folder of the OLD mastered but unedited files - for safety and backup. Just in case.

Then open your Mastering Project in Pyramix, and go through the tedious business of substituting the OLD files with the NEW ones, in precisely the same locations, and create NEW Mastered mixes - but to a brand NEW empty folder.

Then with Pyramix not running, open both the NEW and the OLD folders containing the mastered-but-unedited files in Windows. One by one, copy the file names from the OLD Audio files (leave the OLD pk2 files alone) and then paste the names to their counterparts in the NEW folder - just to the NEW sound files and NOT the.pk2 files.

What follows requires courage, but remember that you made a backup of your original mastered files, right?

Copy the NEW audio files ONLY - not the NEW pk2 files - to the OLD folder. Windows should ask you if you wish to replace the old with the new - be brave and say yes. Then start Pyramix and open your Editing Project which will still be expecting to find the same files in the OLD location, but because the new ones are precisely the same duration as the old ones, Pyramix will, if the audio gods are willing, be fooled.

I'm hoping that the hooks indicating the start and end of each of the topped and tailed Clips are contained in the Project file (.pmx), so you won't have to do any editing to get them situated properly, and that everything will be able to proceed with the NEW data, allowing you to Publish a new set of files/create a pmi/DDP.
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Re: Update the same media referenced for multiple projects?

Postby Plec » Mon Aug 12, 2019 23:21

Thank you very much Frank!

Tried it just now actually, and funny thing is.. I used that method to update the original session with the new mixes which haven't been touched/edited and that worked like a charm, haha. Unfortunately for the editing project the same method didn't work out, must be something to do with when you actually start editing the files then for some reason.

Seems I need to upgrade from Essentials to Native Standard for 750 EUR just to get the Relink to new media feature, but since my work involves quite a bit of that I think it's worth it.