start new file without stopping record

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start new file without stopping record

Postby draudio2u » Tue Jul 16, 2019 00:27

Saw a cool trick on location while another rig was running - The engineer was able to get the recording WAV file name to be the same as the take number. Wondering what the quick key is for this and if it is the same as "auto increment" like in the marker function, or if it can also be edited if you created a new file but the producer called "false start" instead. Best part was a new file without stopping could be made - each take was its own file. Nice. Anyone else hip to this cool trick? I wish to adopt.

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Re: start new file without stopping record

Postby fl » Tue Jul 16, 2019 15:10

I use this all the time for location sessions. In the Settings > Project > Record page, you can enter the name of the next recording to be made. If you end the name with a three digit number, the "auto-increment" feature will pick up on that and continue the numbering from there. It has to be three digits, and it has to be at the end of the name for this to work. In that same Settings page, enable "Prompt for Name after Recording", "Increment Take Number" and "Group Recorded Clips". "Unique filename Extension" is also agood idea.

I like to use playlists, creating one for each new take. This is another automatic feature that can be enabled in the Settings > Project > Record page. In this way, each new recording gets the proper name (e.g. "110 Mvmt II - 003", for Take 3), as does its associated Playlist. If you have enabled the function that prompts you for a name at the end of making each recording, this will allow you to make the appropriate changes following the first pass of a new work or movement (e.g., when moving on to "110 Mvmt III - 041"). It's a choice whether to continue the numbering from there, or to start again at 001 (I prefer to continue the numbering, so that every take in a session has a unique Take number, regardless of the work or title - it reduces confusion when there's only one Take 4).

At the end of the session, all my takes are available, simply by recalling the desired Playlist. All I have to do to prepare for editing is to make sure that all existing Tracks are in a single Track Group, then duplicate the Track Group (in the TG Tab), making the one with all the Playlists the Source, and the new one the Destination. All Mixer assignments for the new Group are automatically the same as for the Source, so apart from some other little adjustments (enabling Auto Solo, Auto Collapse, Free Cursor, etc.), I'm ready to begin S-D editing. The only requirement for maintaining my collection of Playlists is that the original Tracks/Track Group remain the first one, at the top of the main window's display. If you try putting the new Destination TG before/above it, you'll lose all your Playlists.

However, none of this has anything to do with the Subject Name of this thread. As far as I know, there is no way to start recording a new file while Pyramix is already running in Record. Easily accessed keyboard shortcuts to toggle Play/Stop (I use the Space Bar) and to enter Record (Ctrl+Space Bar) are key to minimizing the amount of time spent out of Record in this kind of transition.
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Re: start new file without stopping record

Postby Thomas Grubb » Wed Jul 17, 2019 15:59

You should be able to do most of what you want using the take logger. While you can’t automatically create a new file without dropping out of record (something that has been requested), the take logger still lets you do things like mark false starts and create notes for takes. The filenames created also reflect the take names you create here. From the manual:
The Take Name is applied to the recorded file name(s), to the recorded file(s) metadata and to the recorded clips shown in the Timeline.

Hope this helps.

Thomas Grubb

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Re: start new file without stopping record

Postby mpdonahue » Wed Jul 17, 2019 17:05

This has been on the requested feature list since 2004....
The best workaround is the following:
Create Macro as follows:
    Click "New Macro"
    Name Macro
    Internal Machine: Stop
    Macro Tools: Wait for Cursor Update
    Internal Machine: Record
In Keyboard Shortcut Editor assign new macro to an easy to access key.

Go to View and disable "Cursor Auto return after playing"
Go to All Settings>Project>Record and untick Prompt for name after record" and check "Increment Take Number" and set your first take name, end it with "_001"
now every time you hit the macro key, you will get a new file sequentially numbered.
All the best,
Mark Donahue
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