Surround Channel Order - plugins

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Surround Channel Order - plugins

Postby phaseboy » Wed Jul 03, 2019 20:21

Wondering if this is a known issue I can't find anything about or? (I'm not complaining as it now functions as I would logically expect) however quite odd that it doesn't behave the same on two different systems.

For years I have been exchanging surround sessions with a regular client. Despite the pyramix buss order being LCRLsRsLfe the flux Epure EQ (possibly others I have never needed this with anything else) receives the signal as LRCLfeLsRs So a simple Low Pass filter on the LFE would be put on channel 4 of the EQ - despite it showing as 6 within the mixer.

I have been running v11 for a while my client has stayed on v10.

Recently I built a new machine with a clean install of Windows 10 Pro and Pyramix 11.1.5 Hotfix

I have just opened up sessions from the same client based on the same mixer that work as they always have on their system. Yet now on my clean install of the latest version the signal is passing through the plugins in the order I would naturally expect - the same as the mixer LCRLsRsLFE. Needless to say I had a bit of shock when I first hit play. So now we have to swap the processing settings (which channel get's which filter) on epure when moving sessions between us.


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Re: Surround Channel Order - plugins

Postby Perfect Record » Thu Jul 18, 2019 19:39

A related problem is that things get really messy if you have a mix beyond 8 channels.

It took me a bit to figure out how to accommodate a 5.1.4 mix when Flux only gives you the option of mapping 8 tracks.