Playback Audio/iTunes/Spotify on Windows 10 via Horus/Hapi/ANUBIS

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Playback Audio/iTunes/Spotify on Windows 10 via Horus/Hapi/ANUBIS

Postby Gaston69 » Sat May 04, 2019 04:50


I just discovered an application that let's me playback audio from Windows 10 via my Horus. App is called Voicemeeter

VOICEMEETER Virtual Audio Mixer.

Voicemeeter is Audio Mixer Application endowed with Virtual Audio Device used as Virtual I/O to mix and manage any audio sources from or to any audio devices or applications.

Voicemeeter is a virtual mixing console able to manage 3 audio inputs (2 physicals and 1
virtual) and 3 audio outputs (2 physicals and 1 virtual) through 2 busses A & B.

As Mixing Console, Voicemeeter offers large amount of use case combinations: To mix in real
time your voice with your music, your movie, your video game or web radio and share it on
internet through VOIP applications. Voicemeeter is also able to let you manage 2 Headsets and
create new VOIP experiences …

Voicemeeter as Universal Virtual Audio Device:
Voicemeeter offers Virtual Audio Point on Input #3 and on BUS B (Output B). This Virtual Audio
I/O (VAIO) supports all possible Audio Interfaces and allows connecting any audio applications,
including audio pro DAW or musical instrument working with ASIO devices.

Voicemeeter as Audio HUB and Next Gen Audio Engine:
Voicemeeter now includes VBAN features and Voicemeeter Remote API. VBAN allows to send /
receive audio stream to / from any computers of a local network. Voicemeeter Remote API
allows developing client applications and taking advantage of all Voicemeeter features, inter
connection with all audio interfaces type, audio device aggregation, mixing/routing functions,
MIDI and VBAN features, to create new powerful audio applications.