VST installations

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Perfect Record
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VST installations

Postby Perfect Record » Sun Jan 06, 2019 21:25

After a recent upgrade to 11.1.5 from a rather old Pyramix version, I'm not able to get a number of my VST plugins to appear.

I've gone to the settings CP and selected plugin folders, and tried to rescan to no avail.

Altiverb and my Tokyo Dawn plugs are a couple that always worked in Pyramix V8 but are not working in V11.

Are there guidelines for plugin installation file locations or something obvious I'm missing?

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Re: VST installations

Postby mpdonahue » Mon Jan 07, 2019 15:42

Have you tried re-installing the plugins? have you checked to see if they are blacklisted at the bottom of the list (They will be in red). Have you done a Full ReScan of the VST & VST3?
Also, I would strongly suggest you update the installs and be sure to include the VST3 versions as well as the VST2. For memory hogs like reverb, VST3 is a bonus, because it releases the DSP when the plugin is not active.
Also are any of these plugins 32 bit installs? PMX no longer supports 32 bit plugins.

The final scorched earth approach is to delete the VST listing under program data/Merging Technologies. Not recommended.
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Mark Donahue
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Re: VST installations

Postby DJS » Tue Jan 08, 2019 22:23

David Spearritt
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