Keyboard Shortcuts interfering with naming

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Keyboard Shortcuts interfering with naming

Postby tonzauber » Mon Nov 26, 2018 18:39

Hi All,

I am a fan of simple keyboard shortcuts for everyday tasks.
E.g. "r" for record, "i" for in marker, "o" for out marker etc.

Now I have the problem when I want to e.g. label tracks or name markers, whenever I use an "r", pyramix starts recording - which is quite ridiculous.

Is there any setting to remind pyramix to ignore shortcuts when you are in some kind of input mask?

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Re: Keyboard Shortcuts interfering with naming

Postby fl » Tue Nov 27, 2018 16:52

I encountered a similar problem when I wanted to set up single key shortcuts similar to what you want. I discovered that most of the keys to the left of of a line defined by the 6, y. h and n keys (on a QWERTY keyboard) are hard coded into Pyramix, and cannot be assigned without causing the kind of conflict you've described.

My recommendation would be to either make your shortcuts from keys to the right of that boundary, or to use a modifier key or keys (Control, Alt or Command) in combination with the letter key of your choice (provided it doesn't conflict with an already assigned shortcut).

For example, I've been using the Spacebar to initiate Play, and Ctrl + Spacebar to enter Record. It's extremely easy to hit, and I've found I can get into Record very quickly with that combo, as it recalls my old reflex from the analog tape recorder days, hitting the play and record buttons. I've become very quick with it, such as in those situations where I have no direct line of sight to the performance space, and the performers just start playing without warning.

For the In and Out markers, which I'm taking to mean the white or black markers you use with Source-Destination Editing, I use the square brackets [ and ] - this may be the Pyramix default, but it's been so long, I'm not sure now.

For entering Timeline Markers, I chose the / key - again, quick and hard to miss. I'll use this in concert recordings to indicate the beginnings and ends of pieces or movements which later are used to place CD markers (via the "CD Mark Groups" command) for setting up a disc or set of Published Files for the clients.

I also have a more elaborate set of controls for use with the Crossfade editor, giving me single key playback control of the various gosintas and gosouttas relative to the edit point - the u, i, j, k, l, m, comma and period keys.
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