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Collapsing tracks shortcut

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 16:36
by Stephen Rinker

I'm trying to build a Macro that includes the function of collapsing tracks within a given track group. There seem only two ways of doing this, the +/- box on the left of the playlist or the yes/No dialogue on the track groups Editor tab. I don't believe its possible to incorporate either into a macro. I'm slightly surprised there's no Keyboard shortcut for the function.

Any suggestions

Thanks and regards to all


Re: Collapsing tracks shortcut

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 21:05
by fl
I doubt that you can create a Macro that will do this as described - how would it know which Track Group to expand or collapse? Have you enabled "Auto Collapse" in the Track Groups Tab for all your Project's Track Groups? You may also wish to enable "Auto Solo" for each of your Track Groups as well, so that only one plays at a time. With these enabled, a single mouse click anywhere in the desired Track Group will expand it - not just on the plus-box in the Track header - while simultaneously collapsing the one previously expanded.

If you'd like keyboard control for this, try assigning a Keyboard Shortcut to both of the main Tracks Menu > Select Previous Track Group and Tracks Menu > Select Next Track Group. That way, you'll be able to cycle through all the available Track Groups in sequence, one direction or the other.

Re: Collapsing tracks shortcut

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 18:17
by Stephen Rinker
Hello Frank,

Sorry its taken awhile to get back I seem to post a question and find myself working away, Thank you. I didn't want to offload too much information about the whys and wherefores but assume all the preferences you mention, auto solo, which track collapses etc have been correctly and previously set.

On a more practical level we have a system oddity here with the mouse and screen, the +/- click box for collapsing your pre determined track doesn't always line up i.e. sometime you have to click slightly outside the box to get the desired effect. No idea why but I might add in the days of RSI I would have thought a keyboard shortcut for this was just the ticket I much prefer it to moving a cursor around a screen even with a trackball! Might mention it to merging.

Thanks again