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delay compesation green light flashing

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:28
by TBR
I have a strange problem.
I film audio post session I use different sub-busses to route the different tracks to. So dialog to the dialog-bus, fx to the fx-bus etc
I use the aux send to ad reverb (altiverb) to the sounds and the return of this is routed directly to the master. All works fine, the delay compensation does it work (although I feel the need of delaying the reverb return with 12ms in order to not hearing the reverb slightly earlier the the source)

However when I make a non-realtime mixdown, at first all is correct but at a certain point the aux send from the fx tracks are not compensated for the delay anymore and the reverb appears to early in the mix. Starting the mixdown from that point on then solves the problem for a while until after a while, it happens again.

Sometimes when I'm just playing the session the delay compensation green light starts to flash. In the manual I can't find anything about this but it could be connected?

All this happens in a Masscore set running Pyramix 10 and with the vCube on a second computer as a slave. (so no video in Pyramix)

Anybody has the same experience?

THX, wart