Better way to organize the Pyramix plugin list???

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Better way to organize the Pyramix plugin list???

Postby musicianroc » Sat Nov 25, 2017 22:04

Hello, guys.

In the Pyramix, I feel like there is only one single list in the waves plugin folder when I want to insert one of them to the track. And the mouse wheel is not working for accelerating the rolling down speed, which is a little bit annoying.

For example, when I want to use "waves tune" start with the letter "W", I need to wait for a while till it scrolls down all the way down to the bottom, if I accidentally click to somewhere else wrong, I need to repeat the whole process one more time.

I'm wondering if there any better way to organize the plugins? I checked the settings, but I didn't find anything helpful with this case.

Thank you, guys!


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Re: Better way to organize the Pyramix plugin list???

Postby fl » Sun Nov 26, 2017 17:25

musicianroc wrote:In the Pyramix, I feel like there is only one single list in the waves plugin folder when I want to insert one of them to the track. And the mouse wheel is not working for accelerating the rolling down speed, which is a little bit annoying.

I agree. There is a workaround however, which will take the long list of available plugins, and break it up into several sub-categories.

1) With Pyramix running, go to the Settings > VST Plugins Settings page, and select the display type to "VST Folder Plugins Structure". The quit Pryamix.

2) In Windows, navigate to your VSTPlugins folder (or to wherever else you may have chosen to place your Waves plugins). If they're all in one big "Waves" folder, go in there.

3) Create a number of new folders: "Compressors", "Limiters", "Equalizers", etc., or even "My Favourites", "My Not-so-favourites" - anything you'd like. Then manually drag the various plugins, along with any related files, to the appropriate folder.

(I should mention that I don't own any Waves plugins, so I don't know how they're installed. Some brands, like Izotope, have multiple files for each plug-in, and other brands like Tone Boosters, have Key files which have to accompany the plugins they authorize. You'll need to make sure that you're dragging all the files related to each individual plugin to your new folders.)

When you're done, instead of a big long list of .dll files inside the Waves folder, you'll just have a few neatly arranged sub-folders.

4) Re-launch Pyramix and go immediately to the Settings > VST Plugins Settings page. Click on "Show Available Plugins" and in the pop-up window, click on "Force Re-scan". This process will take some time.

5) When it finishes, open a Project and go to the Mixer to add a VST. You'll find that your new sub-folder structure that you created is reflected in the VST selector, so while all the plugins are still available, they're shown in shorter, easier to navigate sub-categories.

There are some potential problems with doing this, all of which stem from the fact that Steinberg did not define a single, preferred installation location for all VST2 plugins. As a result, it's a rather chaotic situation with different brands preferring different locations, and allowing the user more or less choice in the matter - it changes widely from brand to brand. Some brands will allow you to choose the location when you install them, others are more restrictive. Some brands install multiple .dll files for each plugin (like what Izotope does). Others insist on installing to the Program Files > Common Files > Steinberg > VST2 folder. Some plugins may not function correctly if you drag them to a location other than what was specified during the installation, but for the most part, most VSTs will behave properly, as long as Pyramix knows where to find them. If you have other programs which use VST2 plugins (such as Izotope RX, for example) you'll need to do the equivalent of a "Force Re-scan" there as well.

You may suspect that in some cases, with some brands, your new folder structure will cause problems when you wish to Update the version, or to Uninstall. For those cases, it's probably best to drag them out of your new folders back to their original installed location prior to doing either operation. If you're updating/upgrading a plugin like this, just drag it back to your preferred folder location when it's done, and maybe make a note for yourself where the original installation location was, so you'll be able to remember what to do the next time.

Most of the time, if the plugins wind up in the location they were in the last time the host program (like Pyramix) scanned the VST2s, you should be good to go. If not, just do a "Force Re-scan" which should fix it.
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