Large Timecode display

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Large Timecode display

Postby mpdonahue » Mon Apr 24, 2017 17:31

Is there any way to get a large timecode display like in Protools?
I've tried to do it in a video window, but it does not run without media. The ability to have it in the "Record Status" dialog would be nice.
Ricardo Ryan, Is anybody from Merging monitoring this board?
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Mark Donahue
Mark Donahue
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Guillaume Defer
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Re: Large Timecode display

Postby Guillaume Defer » Tue Apr 25, 2017 17:30

Hi Mark,

We have this request in our database, reported as REP-366 & PMX111-41.

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Re: Large Timecode display

Postby per » Sun Jun 11, 2017 15:07


Something I've been thinking about for some time regarding the Record Status dialog: When recording on a laptop, the display easily gets cluttered with a number of windows. If you e.g. need to see the Talkback status as well as the recording status and Take, you need to have both the Monitor window open as well as the Record Status window. Since the Monitor window is not otherwise needed during a recording (typically), it would be nice to have a simple status "led" or something similar in the Record Status window to indicate that Talkback is "on". Having the talkback microphone ON accidentally during a recording can be fatal... :)

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