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Postby Danny221 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 06:34

Hello everyone ,
I'm using Pyramix 10 recently , coming from pro tools user in mac world ! just to use a Pyramix ,so i like Pyramix so much but having many problems like :
How i can make a side chain for God sake (key input). instance,i have 2 mono track kick - bass and i need to side-chain compression ! there is just a few modest tutorial on youtube! you need serious tutorial here guys !! how come app like that with no any decent demonstration .. thank you.

Edit: I've read many topics about the same issue but there is no luck at all ! anyone can help please ?

Guillaume Defer
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Re: Side-Chain

Postby Guillaume Defer » Fri Apr 21, 2017 17:49


There is no sidechain implementation in Pyramix,
But there could be a SideChain/Ducking workaround by using the db audioware VST, see the screenshot attached where they have a Universal Sidechain link notion and no need to mix the inputs to obtain a Ducking effect,
Details here with video, where you can download the plugin demo.

There could be a different workaround as you can see in attached screenshoot you can create a multichannel strip and apply it from there. For example with Flux plugin which must receive both medias sources simultaneously in order to make a Process/Sidechain relation.

Best regards,
FluxVS3_SideChain_DuckingStereo.jpg (649.59 KiB) Viewed 3486 times
dBaudioware_Ducking_VST.JPG (553.8 KiB) Viewed 3486 times

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Re: Side-Chain

Postby Danny221 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 19:40

You make my day .. Thank you :D , I know reaper very well but i'm very new Pyramix user ..

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Re: Side-Chain

Postby Jesse.Lewis » Sat Jul 15, 2017 22:30

So, the current side chain bussing in Pyramix must be planned for in advance. You can't add a side-chain VST to any strip or bus and necessarily expect to side-chain trigger it. A couple of things need to be implemented ahead of your mix:
1) side chain requires a multichannel bus (2ch for a mono side chain, or 4ch for a stereo)
2) adding side-chain bussing to an existing mono or stereo bus requires converting from 1-2ch or from 2-4ch; AND this deletes any processing and resets all routing in and out of that bus
3) side chains do not work from one strip to another strip, only when signal and trigger are routed together to the same MCH bus

None of this applies to the db-audioware compressor plug since it bypasses the Pyramix bussing...

Pyramix has a brilliant and plentiful internal bus architecture, and I hope in the future it could be used to implement side chains in a simpler way. What do you guys think?