Ravenna, CAT6, and patch panels

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Ravenna, CAT6, and patch panels

Postby archive » Fri Jan 20, 2017 19:49

Wiring up a new mastering studio - ideally I would like to have CAT6 run to patch panels at various locations around the building for ease of connection and future compatibility.

Is there any issue with having a few RJ45 patch points inline between a computer and HAPI rather than a direct connection?

Something like HAPI > wall box in mastering room > wall box in machine room > computer?


- J.
J. LaPointe
Pyramix Native 9.1.10 / HAPI 3.0.5_28606 / Ravenna ASIO 10.0.6

Julian Gough
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Re: Ravenna, CAT6, and patch panels

Postby Julian Gough » Fri Jan 20, 2017 21:53

As long as you follow the rules, use CAT6 connectors and patch leads and not have the cable runs too long, what you want to do should work.

Ravenna is an IP based high speed data network, it works like any normal computer network. So another option you might like to consider is have a Ravenna approved network switch at a central point in the building and run a port to any point in the building you are likely to have a Horus/Hapi. If you don't have a central point, you can always have more than one network switch.

Each Ravenna box has its own IP address and will appear on the network regardless of location. You just plug it in and you will see it on MT Discovery and Ravenna Easy Connect, no patching required.

I hope that helps.