EQ in monitor section

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EQ in monitor section

Postby TBR » Fri Oct 14, 2016 09:40


I'm using Pyramix monitor section to control the sources, the speakers setup, mix downs, volumes etc Works really great. Very flexible. You can even use the delay to compensate for the different delay's of speakers and types of projections.
But 1 thing is missing in my opinion. I'm working in cinema sound and thus need an x-curve on my speakers. Using the filter posibilitys on my speakers I can only go half way. I need to tweak a bit more. The only way I no now is by inserting an EQ on the master bus, but I have to remember bypassing that before making a mix down, and I forget that a lot.

It would be extremely handy and flexible if I could insert plugins in the monitor section. This way I could do the tweaking here and leave my masters clean for mix down. Best would be to have an eq on every speaker channel, but even 1 eq for multiple channels would already be very helpful. Is this possible in Pyramid? I can't find it .....

thx, wart

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Re: EQ in monitor section

Postby Ricardo Ryan » Wed Oct 26, 2016 00:37


Thanks for your comment, we've had similar request in the past. We do take notes.