Automatic silence removal and CD-markers. Can this be done?

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Automatic silence removal and CD-markers. Can this be done?

Postby Arnoud » Sat Aug 06, 2016 17:21


My problem in short. When having clients in the studio (talking to eachother) it's not always easy to place CD markers manually. As I am listening carefully to when exactly the reverb tail has ended to place a CD stop marker, someone is moving his chair, says something etc.

I am looking for a macro to (semi) automate this proces.

After source destination editing I usually make a stereo mixdown and then I open this long clip (with multiple songs and silence beween them) in a new stereo mastering template to create the CD.

So far I was thinking about using the automatic silence removal function under the edit menu. This splits my stereofile into multiple clips and gets rid of the silence after the end of the reverb tail till the beginning of the next song. The downside is that the function Cd mark groups does'nt work. So there's no quick way to set the Cd-markers. Also the left and right channel are treated seperately. The clips are still grouped, but moving the cliphandles trims only the left or the right channel.

Is there a way to let a macro set a CD start marker at the beginning of every clip and a stop marker at the end of that clip? In conjuction with the automatic silence removal? Or is there another way to determine where the reverb tail has ended and thus a CD stop marker can be placed?

I hope someone has a solution for this. Thanks in advance
Best regards, Arnoud
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