Motherboard Frustration !!

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Re: Motherboard Frustration !!

Postby conan_tran » Tue May 03, 2016 07:42

jon@classicsounduk wrote:Hi Conan,

We seem to have gone full circle here…. the very fact that I was wanting to use Merging Recommended motherboards was the reason for my original post!

There is only one motherboard currently recommended for masscore systems ! it is discontinued and no longer available.

For those of us recording high track count DSD projects , I for one, do not want to return to the days when on session you felt that the PC was on the verge of going into cardiac arrest with mass core overs and crash. It's not pleasant, i can assure you.

I started work in this industry working for Decca Record Company London. At that time they had a good reputation for quality and sound excellence. I was working initially alongside guys who had a massive amount of knowledge and experience. They were not arrogant, but always striving for improvement and sonic excellence. There were numerous stories of when Decca bought Studer A80 analogue machines and Neumann Cutting lathes. After delivery but before they were used, they would be taken apart and tweaked and modified for optimal performance. They were not critical of Studer or Neumann, but with their additional knowledge they wanted something better.

I certainly realise that times have changed, but with the arrival of Ravenna networks it is very easy to hang another workstation off the network in order to soak test on recording.

With no available recommended motherboards from merging, a little of the Old Decca pioneering spirit, and the knowledge of a forum like this, I welcome Mark's suggestions. There is always a risk versus reward element here (just like there was on the golf course this morning!) It may not be for everyone , and you need to understand the inner working of PCs, but it if works, it keeps us in business and its very rewarding.

I have good clients requesting high track count DSD recordings. I need the flexibility of more mass core PCs. I already have a suitable non-recomended motherboard so for the cost of a CPU at £275 UK GBP or $350 US it's a no-brainer for me.



Hi Jon.

If you have found an alternative and proceeding with the 4th/5th Generation Intel Processor, and found a non-certified board with equivalent specifications that can cater for your production. That would be good news.
I would suggest to move forward with better and faster technology if you would like to enter the 6th Generation Intel processor market for your production.
Merging has certified the following mainboards "GA-Z170X-UD3 & ASUS Z170M PLUS" (Not shown on Merging's Website yet).
However you would require RTX64 2014 Service Pack 2 for MassCore compatibility and integration, which is currently included in Pyramix V10.1
The release of Pyramix V10.1 is imminent, and not far away.

The benefits of 6th Generation Intel Processors and the Z170 Chipsets include, Faster Ram clock speeds (DDR4) etc.
Also as for the processor, Merging has tested the Intel 6700k with HyperThreading with no MassCore issues.
As for best performance in graphics, especially if users decide to zoom or operate video. The ATI FirePro would be essential and recommended as apart of your new build.
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Re: Motherboard Frustration !!

Postby mpdonahue » Tue May 03, 2016 13:16

jon@classicsounduk wrote:Thanks Bernard,

The first 2 options have to come from the USA ! Time & Import tax !

The 3rd option clearly says… unless my french is 'tres tres mal' we cannot send to UK !!!

This motherboard is out of date.


Also, please remember that the Z97m-UD3H has been out of production for over a year. All that is left is old stock, returns and refurb boards.
One other thing to consider is that the board went out of production before the 5775C went into production and the board has to have it's bios updated before you can use the current chips. This means that you have to have a spare older processor hanging around so you can upgrade the BIOS to the most current version, which is the only version that works with the processor in question. All in all this is a non starter.
All the best,
Mark Donahue
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Ricardo Ryan
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Re: Motherboard Frustration !!

Postby Ricardo Ryan » Wed May 11, 2016 11:18


A couple of month back Merging started certifying new configurations based on the Skylake Intel processors, you have to understand that our certification was dependent of some Interval Zero update this is why it took us some time.

We have now updated our site accordingly.

For our new system configurations to be MassCore compatible it requires the IntervalZero 2014 Service Pack 2 (v2.2.2), which comes with Pyramix V10.1 and Ovation V6.1. Those new versions will soon be released and are currently available from our beta program.

If you can't wait and have to run on those Skylake configurations, you have 2 choices.
1- Run our Pyramix 10.1 or Ovation 6.1 versions available from our beta program
2- Exceptionally contact our team if you absolutely need to keep running Pyramix v10.0 or Ovation v6.0. We certainly prefer that you proceed with option 1.

Best Regards,

Merging Technologies.

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Re: Motherboard Frustration !!

Postby draudio2u » Mon Jun 20, 2016 21:32

Hence the reason I am selling my brand new Hapi - why should I ruin a perfectly good new dell workstation to go backward on motherboards.... I will stick with other converters and work DSD in direct channels or on my Myk card Windows XP system. If you want a new Hapi at discount price, see Used Gear section on this forum....