Automation on VCA

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Little tribeca
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Automation on VCA

Postby Little tribeca » Thu Sep 17, 2015 19:43

Dear Pyramix users,

I have to do some more editing after having mixed using the VCA with automations.
The problem is when i insert a new take and it changes a little bit the timing on the timeline, the automations on VCA are not following whereas i'm in Auto ripple mode.

Can somebody propose me an issue for this matter?

Best regards

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Re: Automation on VCA

Postby fl » Fri Sep 18, 2015 19:45

Have you enabled the Edit Menu > Automation > Link to Media Content?

While you're there, make sure that you "Enable Automation Editing", if it's not in that state already.

Now, Select All Clips, then position your cursor to the point where you wish to insert the new/different material, and do so, using the "Place" process, from the Media Manager. With Auto-Ripple enabled, all your existing clips should be shifted to the right following the new insertion, and the Automation should travel along with it. You may have to tweak some of the Automation points at or near the boundaries of the newly inserted material, but that should be fairly straight-forward.
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Little tribeca
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Re: Automation on VCA

Postby Little tribeca » Fri Sep 18, 2015 20:48


Thanks for your reply but i already enabled Automation editing and also link to media content.
I use source/destination editing, i dont use the "place" process because it would take too long. so in my source i put a gate in and gate out and auto edit to destination so logically it can move the timeline when i change the position of the fade between 2 different takes and my automations dont move... it's quite a pity and i lose a lot of time because of this. There is no explanation in the manual about this.

I hope somebody have the solution!

Best regards

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Re: Automation on VCA

Postby Arnoud » Sat Sep 19, 2015 22:57


I had a similar problem in the past when testing PMX 9. At that time I was still on version 7. My dealer passed my question on to Merging. This was there reply:

The VCA automation does not move with the clips, the only exception is, if in Automation drop down menu > Automation Tracks, you have enabled “VCA follow Masters” option, and you are in AutoRipple mode, or you use Cut/Paste/Delete & Ripple and Insert silence editing functions.

Could you please make sure this option is turned on, as well as Edit > Automation Editing > Enable Automation Editing & Link to Media Content.
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Re: Automation on VCA

Postby phaseboy » Tue Sep 22, 2015 00:16

One option (if practical for you) would be to remove the faders from the VCA groups and coalesce the VCA automation to the individual tracks.

Best Regards,

Mark S. Willsher