Project Markers sorting

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Project Markers sorting

Postby mjbennett » Thu Jun 25, 2015 17:35

I don't think this is currently possible, unless someone can advise me differently, but I would like to be able to order the project markers I add. They are very useful for listening, and plotting, but I would like to be able to jump between marker located at the same place in the music, but in different takes.
I know it requires the marker to be appropriately labelled, but it would be great to sort the markers so that all the "i [ A ]" markers are together; grouped before the "i [ B ]", etc. . I could then jump freely to-and-fro.

Currently, there are often too many markers to fit on the horizontal space on my screen, and it's a pain to have to scroll and then look through several hundred markers to find the one I want.

It's niche, but is it possible?

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Re: Project Markers sorting

Postby fl » Thu Jun 25, 2015 20:00

Perhaps you might be able to re-order the display of the marker list, if you use Media Markers instead of Project Markers...?

With all respect, could I propose an alternate method of working? (Having hundreds of Markers sounds horrifying to me...)

Instead of having all your takes strung out along the Timeline, one after another, use Playlists when you record, with the cursor's auto-return function enabled. This way, each new take you record gets its own Playlist, and the recordings all start at 0:00:00.000 (or wherever else you choose).

The thing about Playlists is that they maintain the state they were in when you last left them, so come editing time, activate the Playlist containing a take comprised of the whole work in question, and then zoom out so that you can see the whole thing. Next, go through the Playlists for all the other takes, and for those that contain only part of the work, drag the Clip to the time position that corresponds roughly with where it occurred in the full take - it will stay there for the next time you come back to it. Of course, due to variations of tempo, etc. this will never be totally precise, but probably it will be good enough for auditioning. Once you're finished positioning each Take, you'll only need one Marker for each musical position of interest (Letter "A", or Bar 47), and switching between Playlists is very quick, so you can easily audition and compare the same section in various takes quickly, while you can remember the subtle differences.

When I'm doing a project where I'm the one picking the takes, I'll do something more elaborate, setting up a different Source Track Group for each take. With the Auto-Solo and Auto-Collapse features enabled, and the Free Zoom feature disabled, I can again achieve a rough sync of all the Clips stacked one above the other by dragging them left or right, having my Destination Group at the bottom. If I want to hear, say, bar 47 - I can go to that point in one take, then quickly click on another, and another, expanding and soloing each one without stopping playback, so I can get a rough idea of how editing between these will flow. From there, it's onward to using the brackets and the Crossfade Editor.

Add in a few creative background colour choices to identify each take's Clips, and your Destination Group's assembled edit will appear like a rainbow, making your work easily viewed by anyone.
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