HAPI / HORUS and monitoring

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Paulo M
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Re: HAPI / HORUS and monitoring

Postby Paulo M » Sat Feb 07, 2015 17:46

I did try to use the MT ASIO driver with Jriver and other software media players with disastrous results, using Pyramix 7 and a Mykerinos Dual. The ASIO drivers in Pyramix, pre Ravenna are really not reliable. So there went my dreams of using one of my Merging old cards to build a 32 bit media center.

However, I actually never tried what Graemme suggested, by using the ASIO Bridge instead with JRiver, either feeding an external or a strip. The only drawback is the need to have Pyramix open for this. I had good results by using other apps like Audio Mulch in the past, it did work. I will give this a try with Jriver, but I suspect that the MT ASIO Bridge may use the same ASIO drivers, so it may not work either as Graemme found out. Let´s see what happens.
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Paulo M

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Re: HAPI / HORUS and monitoring

Postby Graemme » Sun Feb 08, 2015 04:34

Another day and another result using the MT ASIO Brdge driver (not much of a surprise)...

This is on a 'Native', non-MassCore machine, running Win 7 32bit; PMX 9.1.6; Ravenna ASIO driver 9.1.6; Horus running latest beta firmware

Before I started Pyramix, I changed the number of Bridge I/O in the 'VS3 Settings' Control Panel from 16 to 32, (Hey, I'm desperate by now...) saved and started Pyramix. This was an attempt to 're-write' the settings preferences...I have no idea if it actually solved anything ;->

Selected a stereo strip as an 'external' input, set to Bridge inputs AB1 / AB2.

Record-armed this strip (attached to an empty EDL pair of tracks in their own track group)

Opened JRMC 20.0.66 and chose the MT ASIO Bridge as the driver.

Loaded a CD into this PC's drive and JRMC promptly recognized it.

JRMC DSP set to output all sources at 88K2.

In the JRMC 'rip' window, double click on the first track listing*, enabling playback...

It seems to play just fine and I hear all the gaps properly. Rewind and Fast forward work smoothly. I do have the 'gap' settings all turned off (to maintain the original spacing) in the app itself but these may not apply to the 'Rip' window.

So, right now, listening to a CD, upsampled to 88K2 in Pyramix, from JRMC and it sounds like I expect it to, with no hint of any M$ 'SRC from hell' anywhere...

I wonder if it will still work tomorrow? In other words, I sure wish (as Paulo said) that the Merging ASIO drivers, were much more robust and compatible with other apps. Myself, I include the Ravenna ASIO drivers in this request, as they seem to cause unnecessary resets with apps like JRMC and Reaper.

Back to work now...

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Re: HAPI / HORUS and monitoring

Postby archive » Thu Jan 26, 2017 19:02

Dredging up this old thread to ask - has there ever been further talk from Merging about adding SRC capability to the Horus / Hapi digital inputs in a future firmware update?
J. LaPointe
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