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Useful Macros

Postby fl » Sun Nov 09, 2014 22:50

Following the discussions in various message threads, I thought it would be a nice idea if we had a place where we could share useful Macros we've made. If you've got one that is useful, please consider adding it here. Here are a few that I've found make life a little easier.

For Source/Destination Assembly:
Cursor and Marks: Cursor to End of Selected Track
Cursor and Marks: Gate In to Cursor

When Crossfade adjustment results in the end of the "In" now being located to the left of the Gate In, this puts things right for the next Source/Destination Edit. Assign a Keyboard shortcut for a quick adjustment/confirmation following any Crossfade change.


Here's one for separating a stereo pair from a multi-track Clip Group, to enable Rendering and Export to a Two-Track Editor such as Izotope RX:

Click on the Track Header for the Left channel of a Stereo Pair, then,

Tracks > Select All Clips (which restricts selection to just that one Track)
Selection > Grow Selection Down (down one track)
Project > Render (which calls the Render window for setting the file name and format and whether to call the Effects Rack)


Finally, one for Concert Recording where you have to get a CD or Published Files out as quickly as possible following the end of the show. Assuming you've dropped Markers at the beginning of each musical selection with imprecise amounts of timing accuracy (my mongoose-like reaction times), locate the cursor to the first Marker, click on it to select it, and position the cursor precisely at the beginning of the music. Then:

Clips > Nudge Setting 1 (2 seconds is my preference for a fade-up to music. YMMV)
Cursor and Marks > Nudge Cursor to Left
Markers > Move Selected Marker to Cursor
Markers > Select Next Marker
Cursor and Marks > Cursor to Selected Marker (which jumps the display to the next Marker, where you can repeat the process)

If the Markers have been named with the Titles of the music, then the "CD Mark Groups" operation will add a CD Marker with the same Title, making CD-Text/Meta-data entry a little quicker.

Splits can be placed at the beginning of each entire piece of music (I usually leave inter-movement timings as they are), and at a suitable amount of time into the applause at the ends (along with a CD Stop marker). Once each piece is it's own Clip, select the first one and,

Clips > Fade In Default
Clips > Fade Out Default
Clips > Select Next Clip

repeating as many times as is necessary. All that remains is to adjust the Pauses between the CD Stops and following Starts, select all tracks in the CD/SACD Tab, "Set Track Title from Track Name", then finally enter the Performer and Composer names to the proper fields. Next stop - PMI image or Published Files generation, and if required, CD Burning.

Using these two Macros, I've been able to place a CD into the hands of the performers within forty-five minutes of the end of the concert.
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Re: Useful Macros

Postby allemano » Mon Nov 10, 2014 13:58


Very good idea ! !

when you have to delete silences or regions with fades I have named it : SilRem :

Edit : split
Clips : X Fade Default
Edit Delete

assigned to a shortcut... really usefull

When you whant to have a general view of your project ( I have named it : View) :

Tracks : deselect track
Tracks : deselect all clips
Clips : deselect all
View : fit view to all tracks
view : fit in window
Tracks : select 1

PlayZoom... When you have to check many, many clips :

Tracks : deselect Track
Clips : Select next Clip
View : fit in window
Internal Machine : Play selection
Selection : Select clip(s) under cursor

I go to add other macros this afternoon

Best regards,

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Re: Useful Macros

Postby DJS » Wed Nov 12, 2014 14:07

Since Merging can't make this much requested feature happen ...

Start New file while in record.

Internal Machine, Stop, Record.

Assign to 'N' on the keyboard.
David Spearritt
Classical and Acoustic Music, BNE, Australia