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Masscore on Mac Pro (Silver box, not new black cylinder)

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 17:51
by dshores
Hi All,

First post here. I am a new PMX user, and have 2 Native systems up and running with 2 Horuses. So far all is great. I am running both on Mac Pro towers (the prior generation, not the new one. My question is while everyone talks bout running Masscore n a Mac Book Pro with the Sonnet box, has anyone tried, and have any results on running masscore on a Mac Pro tower? Seems like the card would be easily installed for the ravenna network.

The big reason is so we can do more than 8 channels at DXD.

I know this is not a traditional approach and most will say " buy a PC" but at this point, having just purchased the converters, and 2 mastering packs, another computer is not in the cards right now.


Dan Shores
Sono Luminus