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Horus with asio ravenna or Asio device mode

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 19:20
by ouidirestudio
Happy owner of a horus interface, looking for how to connect this one to use with other software only. He works well with the asio ravenna but requires changing the RJ45 cable from the horus connected to the network by merging the supplied plug rj port of the computer. This works well but requires a bit tiring handling when switching software al other regularly.
A second solution works in information in other software as the MT asio sound card, this requires STARTING Pyramix and the software works through that. In 48k it works, but 44.1 software refuses to read does not stalling on the frequency (horus stalled at 44.1) or restarting stopped windows and windows restarts. Someone you know this problem? or a solution? thank you in advance.