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ISIS Settings

Posted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 21:58
by Larry Elliott
Is there anyway to get a "print out" of the various ISIS configurations?


Re: ISIS Settings

Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:27
by rob@att
Larry ,, i hope you are now enjoying the ISIS .. i have completely remapped mine .. all the funtions i didnt like the way it handled (even things like Fade in / ont / move clip - slip Media - the way it jogs .. i have mine set to jog navigate all the time for a better geared responce) it doesnt scrub in this mode ,, but !! who cares ?? i have programmed a buttom push to make scub if need be + Jog wheel zoom - yum keeps the curser in the centre of the screen when fast zooming in and out

i have all the now "Obsolete buttons" set to items / macros i use all the time

the isis can be as powerfull as a tango at far less cost - IF you get into re-programming it and making it WORK FOR YOU :D :D :D :-)

i programed the first big pyramix screen on the tango - it was then i got really interesed in seeing how faR I could push the Isis ..

the only difference is i have to remember all the new functions set to all the buttons with different labels under them .. Doh ! and i have made at least 50 Function changes thus far.. i guess at some stage ill draw up a XML Map .. or ... get a better memory ..or buy new batteries for my label maker and paste em all over the ISIS - sometime i really dont want to do - guess ill have to go and get a better memory from some where .. as a great man once said (i think it was me) its not the years its the milage LOL

if i do do a XML map ill post it to you with all the Macros / isis settings etc


Re: ISIS Settings

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2011 15:43
by Paulo M
if i do do a XML map ill post it to you with all the Macros / isis settings etc

Hi Rob, did you ever heard of adhesive mini sticks? :D

Only joking of coarse, as I do understand your problem. I myself have used most of the hard labeled functions on Isis to other functions than the ones labelled. In fact, where I have more problems recap the assignments are the numbers on the top. The extension fader also shows some problems when switching layers, eg. fader 39 is the seventh of fifth layer(humm, is it? :) )

Anyway, like you´ve said, for it´s cost, is a very good controller. I just feel that in some way, Merging has forgotten about it, as the promised V2 of Isis soft functions improvements is on hold for quite some time now. I guess that the launch Edit Bay overshadowed it big style, but the fact that you can´t use it on it´s own without the Ramsés makes it useless for people that already have consoles or do not have the cash to buy a Ramsés. Anyway I find the Edit Bay a bit cumbersome, I guess is the price you pay when using third party hardware designs that were meant for other duties. (nothing against Smart AV obviously)

Things that could be improved on the Isis, is to put the lcd screen space to ggod use, as most space is wasted displaying timecode in the center. We can see the transport in Pyramix in a lot of places within the apps menus. That space could be used for adding two more sets of soft keys(with labelling) that could work by pressing Shift and the soft key itself. That would allow for 22 function assignments per lcd page.