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VCube4 as player within pyramix confusion

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 13:50
by tas
I have been trying to set this up and have read all the documentation carefully.
I have 4.012 for both systems and an SE licence installed.

What I do not see is the "Format & Sync Tab".It is mentioned all over the manuals, but its just not there. I don't get it. Tried reinstalling and all that.

Without having set the 'follow VT' option I still try to open video files either through : "import of PMX" or the media browser of vcube. I go and setup all the master, chase and sync stuff in VT plus the quick SD settings in Vcube and at the best, if vcube will not crash, all I get is a blank screen that only momentarily will show a frame of the video when I move the vcube window with the mouse.

a couple of strange bevaviours then. Perhaps someone can shed some light.

Re: VCube4 as player within pyramix confusion

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 10:37
by Goldie
I hope you managed by now. I remember I had some rough times dealing with the same thing as well