Vcube 1.3 dropping frames on DNX videos

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Vcube 1.3 dropping frames on DNX videos

Postby Sitbh » Tue Feb 21, 2012 17:43

Hi guys,

I am a tech for a big dolby certified room in London that uses vcube as their picture playback method. There has been an issue that I am only now investigating as we are seeing more and more DNXHD codec footage coming into the dub stage.

This codec looks great on our projector but appears to cause vcube to drop frames. Both on 'read' and 'vout' (more on the vout). Watching the performance of the computer I can see a slight spike and drop in latency on the drive. It will average around 13ms then jump to 100, drop anywhere between 1 and 9 frames, then return to normal.

Has anyone had any experience with this or know of any possible solutions?

I have cleaned the drive apart from a few picture files (the DNXHD). I've defragged, tested hard drive latency in hdtune, tried dnx36 and dnx115 - all yielding the same response. Is it vcube struggling to process the constant codec data? Is it the hard drive on its way out? Is this notorious in the DNX codec?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!