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Vcube XE crashes

PostPosted: Tue Jun 08, 2010 17:47
by Paulo M

just wondering what may be wrong with my system here: Running a Vcube XE on the same machine of Pyramix Masscore. Using both the latest Builds(7777).

Everytime I launch Vcube, my second display goes black for about a second and when it comes to life, the PC (and Vcube GUI) is frozen. Only a system restart cures the freeze.

But if I go to Programs/Merging/Vcube and click on Reset and Relaunch Vcube, everything is fine after that, although I still get the momentary black screen on the second display.

I noticed that on some occasions, launching Windows Media Player will shut the PC down and force a restart too. I suspect that I have a driver or codec conflict here or maybe my Parehlia APVe card is playing me tricks.

Does anybody have a clue? This is driving me nuts. I don´t think is Vcube´s fault as on my other system, the VCube is (was) doing fine. THanks

Re: Vcube XE crashes

PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2010 03:06
by Paulo M

changed the graphics card and the problems went away 8O