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pyramix session in a vcube composition

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:05
by denis jaillet
hye all, is it possible to import a pyramix session directly in a vcube composition?

Re: pyramix session in a vcube composition

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2009 17:58
by alphie
It is not possible to store a Pyramix project in a VCube composition but it is possible to store a VCube composition in a Pyramix Project and automatically load that composition when the project is opened over Virtual Transport.

You must use the Import/Video Clips funtion in the Project menu of Pyramix
1-Turn on Pyramix 6.1 and VCube 2.1 and activate VT by checking the "Enable VT Communication" box on the Remote Control\Virtual Transport page of the settings of Pyramix.
2-Define the VCube that will be used with this Pyramix by typing either its name as written in its VT server or its IP as reported by its VT (If the VCube is installed on the same PC as Pyramix leave the box with just a period in it ".")
3-Open the Pyramix project
4-Choose "Append the imported tracks..." from Options
5-Choose "Always in VCube..."
6-Click Import
7-In the Import menu browse to the folder containing the VCube project (or individual video clips) that you wish to load in VCube (this works fine over networks if you use a URL like \\Alphiedeskxp\Share E and not an internal disk path like E:\Share E to point to media that is seen by both Pyramix and VCube at the same URL).
8-Choose the VCube composition and click OPEN.

Pyramix creates a video track at the bottom of the Project and the VCube will load the composition into it's time line every time the Pyramix project is opened now. No need to load the VCube manually every time. This also works with individual video clips in VCube or loading clips into the Direct Show video player.

Re: pyramix session in a vcube composition

Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2011 13:04
by Daniel DCA
Is it the same way with PMX 7.0 and Cube ver 3.xx ?