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Need Setup Help

Postby DanGeo » Thu Mar 28, 2013 00:58

I have the evaluation version of PMX and my interface is the MOTU 828mk3.
All patching via ASIO looks like it is set up correctly since I can see all the I/O of the 828 in PMX.
When I go to play a file PMX enters play mode but the play head and the time indicators do not move.

Any ideas that could help me get this working and understand what I am missing?

Dan Geocaris
Middleton, WI
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Re: Need Setup Help

Postby fl » Thu Mar 28, 2013 16:21

Pyramix version? Operating system?

I'm going to guess that the MOTU is connected by Firewire - 400 or 800?

Have you gone through the process with the VS3 Control panel, assigning the ASIO driver for the MOTU to Pyramix? My experience with MOTU interfaces with Pyramix is that you have to max out the interface's latency in the MOTU set-up control panel.

Sometimes Pyramix will stall like this if you launch a session which has a plug-in that needs additional data (like an impulse reverb looking for a particular impulse), and can't find it. Even if you go through the process of following the prompts to locate the file, Pyramix won't play. Simply find the preset, re-save the session, quit and re-start Pyramix.

If that won't work, you might have an issue with the Evaluation mode - which can only play back the first two tracks of any loaded project, and disables many of the VS3 plugins. I believe that the sample rate might be restricted to 44.1 or 48 as well, but I'm not sure. It might be an idea to start with a really bare bones project with only two tracks and no plug-ins in the mixer.

If you'd like more of a serious look at the program, you could try contacting your country's distributor to arrange for the loan of a key for a week or two, to try out the program with no restrictions.
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