Media management weird behaviour after crash...

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Media management weird behaviour after crash...

Postby Mireille » Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:39

Dear merging friends,

I'm experimenting really hopeless issues after my computer shut down (electric failure) while Pyramix was opening a project.

Afterward, Windows rebooted without any problem, everything goes well excepted...Pyramix.

Since there PMX 7.1.10 crashed everytime I've been trying to open either an existing project or create a "new".
Crash have been occuring systematically when the "opening tab window" message appear.

Since I've
- uninstal PMX via windows + MTCleanup 2.0
- erase all the _quickmount files from the computer
- cleaned up the memory (via CCleaner)
- relaunched windows 7

-... and reinstall different versions of PMX without luck, each time repeating this process.

the results are this following:
- PMX 6 launches correctly but crashes each time I attempt to open or create new projects
- PMX7 launches correctly, manage to open projects, but the MEDIA MANAGEMENT is a mess: unpossible to mount or unmount mediafolders (I made several time clear "clear media manager history"
- the same for PMX8 beta

I've been using a HP dvd6 laptop, running Windows 7 Pro 32 bits with a RME Babyface interface... with lots af pleasure since 2 years :-)

Do someone have already experienced that...or any idea of what I have to clean?
Could somebody help meeeee?

Thank a lot by advance

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Re: Media management weird behaviour after crash...

Postby Graemme » Mon Jun 25, 2012 21:06

I wonder if the drive where you are creating /opening projects is corrupted? Could you try creating a project on a different drive? Do you have any hard disc diagnostic tools that would analyze and repair your media disc?

If you had files (any files) open when your computer crashed, it's always a possibility that some data corruption occurred.

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