Playback ITunes and Pyramix simultaneously

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Playback ITunes and Pyramix simultaneously

Postby maurice » Wed May 09, 2012 13:54


I wish to play ITunes and Pyramix at the same time (on a laptop)
This seems like a simple task but after having spent some time with Asio4all and a super standard Realtek HD sound card on my laptop I don’t see any possibility.

It seems that Pyramix takes a full control of the audio sources and doesn’t let any other application (web browser, ITunes, win FX etc) have its say.

Thanks in advance for any workaround and/or suggestions.


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Re: Playback ITunes and Pyramix simultaneously

Postby phaseboy » Wed May 09, 2012 19:46

Part 1. You can't really do this* (see part 2). The whole purpose of asio is to get low latency direct sound i/o between an application and your audio hardware. Very few asio drivers support multiple clients (ie: multiple software using the card/interface simultaneously) - this is not pyramix specific this is asio specific.

Part 2. There are in fact some existing multiclient asio drivers, but while I have not personally tried to do this with pyramix - I would suggest that trying this will likely cause no end of frustration (and that likely pryamix won't support the drivers anyway) and that you will be much happier if you try to find a different solution to your problem. If you really want to try just google "multiclient asio" and dive in.


Mark S. Willsher