Pyramix Media Management - Similare filename with increment

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Pyramix Media Management - Similare filename with increment

Postby Kintaro » Wed Oct 05, 2011 13:14


I've searched over the web and the Pyramix documentation but couldn't find something so here I am.

I am using Pyramix Native 7.

I have a library of sounds. Each directory is named like "birds" "cats" and in each of these directories, there's a bunch of files named "Track 01, Track 02, Track 03". I also have a PDF that lists all the files and describe them.

So i started using theses files in pyramix and noticed that Pyramix get all confused with the identical filenames. Let say I use the file "Track 03.mp3" in the "cats" directory and i also use in the same project the file "Track 03.mp3" from the "birds" directory. I noticed that pyramix is confused with theses files and when i have the "birds" directory opened in the Media management, pyramix will use this file, and when I have the "cats" directory open, pyramix will use the cats' one.

When i click on a clip's propreties, at the label "File Location" I have both directories listed, so pyramix thinks it's the same file, but just present in different librairies/directories.

Now i understand that this feature could be usefull when you're moving your project from a PC to another and using a network librairie or something to find back your files wherever you are and that you NEVER name 2 different file with the same name even if they are in different directories.

So I started to rename all my files with a batch processing naming each files with it's directory name followed by _## where ## is the file number (still according to the pdf file describing the content)

So I now have a directory named "Cats" with all the files inside named "Cats_01.mp3, Cats_02.mp3" etc.

My probleme now, still in the media management is that it willl show only the last file. For exemple if I have 99 files named "Cats_##.mp3", MM will only show Cats_99.mp3, and I can't use the others files using the MM (I can only use them via the windows explorer drag n drop). I guess that pyramix think all other files are differents takes or is a media split over multiple files and won't display them in the MM.

I tried to use special mounting rules with no luck :(

Any idea ? If this has already been reported, please redirect me to the topic.

Thanks !
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Re: Pyramix Media Management - Similare filename with increm

Postby fl » Wed Oct 05, 2011 16:05

I've encountered this bug with folders holding many mp3 files only displaying a single (usually the most recently used/converted) file, in all versions of 7.0. I see this same bug with version 7.1, but with this version there is the option to purchase the Advanced Audio Codec Support option, which should (might?) address this problem.
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Re: Pyramix Media Management - Similare filename with increm

Postby phaseboy » Wed Oct 05, 2011 23:54

I've seen this with regular wave files so I don't think it's a compressed file format specific issue. I'm surprised that after renaming the files as you have you now only see 1 file in a folder, when originally you saw all files in a folder and the problem was files with the same name in different folders - this strikes me as a different problem.

I would suggest deleting all quickmount files, and also deleting all the files in C:/Users/<your username>/AppData/Roaming/Merging Technologies/Pyramix/Database/ (you need to enable show hidden files/folders to see the AppData directory). The files in that directory are all related to Merging's current database scheme and will be rebuilt when you relaunch pyramix and open your sessions.

This behaviour has been reported before, but I do not believe it has been addressed on Merging's end. I certainly have not been able to find a combination of mounting rules that fixes it.

Best Regards,

Mark S. Willsher
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Re: Pyramix Media Management - Similare filename with increm

Postby Paulo M » Thu Oct 06, 2011 00:52

Hi Kintaro,

why do you have your files like that? I mean, I think I know why, you just digitised your CD sound effects without access to an online database such as Grace Note or Free DB, so you end up with Track 1, 2 etc per each CD, independent of categories. That´s not practical as you have to check your pdf´s with the sfx listing everytime. Very time consuming. Not to mention that it confuses any database, not only Pyramix.

Can´t you try to re-digitise your CD´s while connected to the internet, using a rip programme that accesses databases to identify the tracks, prior to digitise? In the short term, you´ll find that compensates in terms of time and workflow. Then you can do searches in Pyramix by name and create offline libraries. I did rip my sfx CD´s using Itunes, DB Poweramp and Media Monkey over time and every track has a name.
Best regards,

Paulo M

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Re: Pyramix Media Management - Similare filename with increm

Postby Kintaro » Thu Oct 06, 2011 05:57

Yep digitised CDs!

I guess the best way is to never have files named that way, I was just looking for a fast way to solve that since it does look like a bug. But of course, in long term, renaming them properly and having organised libraries is the best thing to do.

I'll also try phaseboy's solution and will come back to tell if it did work.

Thanks for your help !
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