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Re: Which ASIO interface do you use ?

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 07:32
by Graemme
Hi Preston,

I've used the Weiss AFI-1 for years: It behaves well and the clocking is solid.


Perfect Record wrote:I'm using a RME Fireface UFX+ via USB to get AES out of native.

Since the UFX+ has lots of other uses around the studio, I'd like to free it up. Need to find a cost effective way of getting AES out of my machine, via either PCI card of USB. Any recommendations?

The RME is so solid and works flawlessly. Especially well behaved when switching projects at differing sample rates, the RME always works without changing any other settings. Would like to have this kind of reliability and ease in a replacement setup.

Re: Which ASIO interface do you use ?

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 00:28
by Carl Schuurbiers
another one for the list:

ifi Nano iDSD LE

Great device for on the road, I use it with a laptop (Lenovo P71, Win10, Pyramix Native Pro)
Extremely affordable and very decent headphone sound. DXD plays back fine.