Keyboard keys stuck on/down

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Ben Wood
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Keyboard keys stuck on/down

Postby Ben Wood » Tue Jul 28, 2009 16:19

Whilst I'm editing I keep having to mash the modifier keys, (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) as Pyramix acts as if they are stuck down/on.
I've tried using a several different ps2 keyboards with no difference. I thought the motherboard could be to blame so I've updated the drivers.
I've got no problems in other programmes such as Microsoft Office. I don't remember this in version 5.

Also when using Vcube to monitor audio directly from a DV quicktime I get jittery audio. If I make Vcube the master its fine but as soon as I slave it to Pyramix it happens.
It sounds to me as if its trying to compensate for conflicting sample rates. My source quicktimes are 48K as is my Pyramix project as is the sample rate on the sound card.

Also is there a way to assign a custom fade to a keyboard shortcut. I've modified all my default 'In/Out/Cross' fades and assigned them to keys which is great, (i = In, o = Out, p = Cross) but to be able to access alternative custom fades straight from the same default 'fade in' key with a modifier held. i.e. Ctrl + i = My custom longer dialogue fade.

Pyramix Native 6.0.17 SP3
M-Audio Audiophile 24/96


Ben Wood