a few 11.1.5 issues

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Mark Lemaire
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a few 11.1.5 issues

Postby Mark Lemaire » Sat Dec 15, 2018 02:39

1. I don't know if others have had this happen, but yesterday and again today, I am happily working and mixing when suddenly, PMX and all associated windows simply disappear. The first time, I thought perhaps I'd clicked the desktop, sending PMX to the back, but no......

No warning window ("we're sorry, but PMX has to stop", etc). The thing is just....gone. Has this occurred with you? If so, have you reported it as a bug?

2. When 'make a CD image/ SACD generation' the first thing the system does when you click "start" is this: all PMX related screens blink madly on and off for appox 35 seconds. After this, the CD image generation shows. Usually, it is by now appox 8 minutes 'into' the timeline. Is this unique to me? It does not stop me from working, but it is a weird annoyance.

3. I have an issue upon PMX boot-up: MTSsrv is not recognized, and I have to hand-start this function. Annoying, but doable. But here's the thing: after hand starting MTSsrv, PMX completes it's boot-up, but now the system is in 'demo' mode, as if my keys are not recognized by the system. As such, all my I/O is non functional.

During all this, PMX 'sees' my licensing and my keys are intact/ functioning.

I understand that #3 is a recognized bug that Merging is attempting to fix. My current workaround is to simply re-boot the entire computer. But sometimes, this does not fix the problem. I wind up booting my MBP over and over until the original issue with MTSsrv does not appear.

And so here's my question: what is your workaround for now for #3?

Thank you!

Mark Lemaire rubatorecording.com
MacbookPro OS High Sierra/ Bandcamp/Win 10pro PMX 11.1.5 hotfix build 7859
Mark Lemaire
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Re: a few 11.1.5 issues

Postby tonzauber » Sat Dec 15, 2018 17:16

A workaround to Nr. 3 that has proven (so far) to be reliable on all our Windows 10 machines (we did not see this happen on our Windows 7 machines), is to start Pyramix in the windows 7 compatibility mode.

As for the other two, so far they have not occured to us, thankfully.
What I noticed though that when I minimize Pyramix without an open project in Windows 7, sometimes I am unable to open/maximize the window again.
I have to force pmx to quit then, but as this happens exclusively when there is no project loaded, it is more a nuisance than an issue.

Good luck!


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Re: a few 11.1.5 issues

Postby DJS » Sun Dec 16, 2018 00:42

Haven't experienced those on Native yet, but have experienced the following with 11.1.5. W10 1607.
1. Frequent unsolicited mixer rebuilds and autosaves taking a long time, up to 5 or 6 secs. Accompanied by complete unresponsiveness of the application.
2. Very laggy dragging of clip edges when more than about 6 tracks are included in the edit. Despite new recommended PMX PC, ASRock Z370 and 8700 hexcore Intel, UHD 630 graphics. Due mainly to autoscale waveforms.
3. Can't get Flux VST plugins to not crash PMX, support ticket in with Flux at present.
David Spearritt
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Matthijs Ruijter
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Re: a few 11.1.5 issues

Postby Matthijs Ruijter » Sun Jan 27, 2019 21:38

Just installed 11.1.5 on a HP zBook G2 running W10 1803 (with full HD display). Did all the tweeks on the OS as requested by Merging.

My VS3 control panel looks weird: the font is big and old-fahioned (almost MacOS 7.0 style). And the options below the word 'Audio Bridge' have disappeared! Some sections of the General settings within Pyramix show the same typography.
Any ideas?

Since I just did the installation I didn't experience any further issues yet. Will keep you posted should I run into any of the problems that are described on this page.

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Re: a few 11.1.5 issues

Postby DJS » Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:17

Frequent really slow mixer rebuilds. High flashing CPU warnings (in status bar) due to plugins but when not in playback. I would have thought no CPU use when not playing. Izotope 7 Maximiser main culprit, but other plugs as well.
David Spearritt
Classical and Acoustic Music, BNE, Australia

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Re: a few 11.1.5 issues

Postby draudio2u » Tue Apr 09, 2019 00:12

Anyone have an update on No.3 from the original post - it is non stop now on my masscore machine - (turnkey no less).