start menu quickmount?!

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start menu quickmount?!

Postby AndyR » Tue Apr 17, 2018 18:10

Hi all,

recently I've noticed that every time I load a project, or create a new one, PMX creates "Library__QuickMount7.pml" in the windows start menu folder.

I'm fairly sure it has only started doing this since the most recent hotfix build.

Any idea why this happens, or is there a way to stop it? It appears in my start menu items list, which although it isn't actually causing a problem, is annoying.

Thanks :)


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Re: start menu quickmount?!

Postby fl » Wed Apr 18, 2018 15:50

These Library files are created by Pyramix any time a folder is designated to contain Media, and are evidence that Pyramix has scanned the folder for its contents. Somehow, Pyramix has come to see your Start Menu folder as a media folder.

Check the following pages in the main Settings:
Settings > Application > Location page
Settings > Application > Editing page (as the Fade Library Location)
Settings > Application Background Recorders

In the Settings > Application > General page, have you set things so that all folders listed on the Locations page mentioned above are mounted automatically at startup? Or is the Startup Menu folder set as the Alternate Backup Location?

With a Project started, check the Media Manager Tab to see if the Start Menu folder is in the list of mounted Media folders. While you're there, try clicking on "Refresh Media", and un-mount any folders in there which are not required for the Project. Do the same for the Libraries Tab. Check the Used Media view, Project Default Media view, Non Project Default Media view and the Search Results window. Also, check the Settings > Project > General and Record pages to see if it's anywhere in those pages.

If you are creating new Projects from Templates you've created yourself, make sure that any Media Folders mounted at the time you did the "Save as Template" operation are indeed those you would want to have mounted every time you create a new Project. You may find that you have to un-mount any and all Media Folders and then re-save your Template(s).
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Re: start menu quickmount?!

Postby AndyR » Fri Apr 20, 2018 13:24

Hi Frank,

thanks for your reply.
I have changed application > general / application loading to "mount all media folders that were mounted at previous application exit" instead of mount permanently mounted media folders.

This seems to have stopped it creating a library file in the start menu.

The odd thing is that none of the other pages have anything set to refer to the start menu folder. Definitely nothing mounted in media management - it was creating the file during brand new project set up, after project settings & before running the mixer wizard.

Anyway - fixed is fixed.