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video delay compensation for decklink card doesn't work anym

Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:44
by TBR
I did a stupid thing recently. I have a license for v_cube SE but since this version doesn't support my black magic mini decklink card I use video in the timeline of Pyramix. But sometimes I need to playback 25fps video @ 25 fps. Pyramix can't do that but v-cube SE can. So I installed v-cube but I ques the wrong version and it did't work. I de-installed it but found out that Pyramix (10.1.4) was corrupted. I did a de-install of Pyramix, restart, cleanup, restart followed by a fresh install of Pyramix.

I had to do this several times because every time something was wrong or did't work or was missing.

I thought I had it working but just noticed that the delay compensation for video playback was working for the graphic card but not for the video output. In my case the mini decklink.
Also pyramix doesn't see the upmix plugin from waves anymore or will show the 5.1 version of lowAir.

I repeated the un-install and cleanups several times, even installed an earlier and later version of pyramix, but nothing helps. It looks like the v-cube installer toggled a switch that should not have been switched but I can't un-switch it.

Anybody has an idea what I could do?
Many Thanks