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Delay compensation

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 00:19
by Serge
Hi there!

I keep struggling with the use of VST plugins, specifically iZotope RX (De-clip) on the insert of the track. If it is enabled, I get a lot of delay that does seem to be compensated, even though I have delay compensation enabled and set to highest value (13587 ms), for instance. The 'meter' in plugin shows 45239 samples delay.
In fact, same thing happens with iZotope RX De-hum plugin. And it does not matter where the plugin is located, both on strip or on stereo bus, – I get the same result. Just as well it does not matter whether I play it back in real time or mix down.

PMX 11.0.4, Win 7/Win 10.

Any suggestions? Thank you!