Time Stretch mouse pointer

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Time Stretch mouse pointer

Postby Dominick Maita » Wed Oct 25, 2017 01:27

Somehow..... when I set up my Source-Destination template, it choose to use the Time Stretch mouse pointer. How can I change this to the normal hand.

thank you in advance
Dominick Maita
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Re: Time Stretch mouse pointer

Postby fl » Wed Oct 25, 2017 17:37

Just so I understand correctly, when you open the Crossfade Editor, and hover your mouse pointer over the displayed media, it assumes the shape of a vertical line with a horizontal arrow sticking through it - no matter where you locate it? Placing the mouse pointer over the crossfade area, it does NOT look like a little hand, placing it over the media outside of the crossfade, it does NOT look like a little hand with a reel of tape beside it? What happens when you locate the mouse pointer to the controller area at the bottom or the right side of the Crossfade Editor? Does it turn back into its normal arrow-head?

You say you're using a Template - was this created in an earlier version of Pyramix? Perhaps something from before version 10? Do you encounter the same problem when you build a S-D editing project from scratch, in the version of Pyramix you're using now? Does it make any difference if you open the Crossfade Editor as a Tab, or in its own window?

Regardless of the shape of the mouse pointer, do the functions behave correctly? If you grab a media clip - outside of the crossfade area - click-hold and move it to the left or right, does the media move relative to the crossfade? If you click-hold inside of the crossfade area and then drag, does it re-position the crossfade itself? If you hover right on the left or right edge of the crossfade, does click-hold-dragging affect the duration of the crossfade, according to the way you've set the "Link", "Mirror" and other "Link" buttons? What happens if you zoom in and out - do the mouse pointer changes ever re-establish themselves? Does anything change when you change the number of Tracks displayed (over on the right, under "Display")?

What settings have you enabled in the Track Groups Tab? What settings are enabled in the main Settings > Application > Editing page, under "Fade Editor"? In the main Edit menu, do you have Auto-crossfade enabled? Auto-ripple? What's set in the Edit menu > Source-Destination sub-menu?

If the functions of media and crossfade modification work properly in the Crossfade Editor correctly, and it's a just the fact that the mouse pointer doesn't change to reflect its changing functions depending on its location, then it's possibly a bug with your system's mouse pointer setup. Have you implemented a non-standard Mouse pointer in Windows? Have you applied any other modifications to Windows "Personalization" control panel, which may conflict with Pyramix?

I know, lots of questions but not any answers for you - but without more information, it's going to be hard to track this down. I've tried a lot of stuff here already, but I cannot re-create the problem...
Frank Lockwood, Toronto, ON, Canada
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Re: Time Stretch mouse pointer

Postby Dominick Maita » Wed Oct 25, 2017 22:26

Hi Frank,

Thank you for your thoroughness.
Just to be more clear... I'm not in the corssfade editor. I'm simply looking at the EDL of the project. I've got a clip in my destination panel. If hover over the clip I have a standard mouse pointer. When I select the clip the pointer changes to a hand with a horizontal and vertical ruler. If I hold down the left mouse button it changes to a hand with an x.
However.... it occurs to me (and thanks to your questioning) that I set up this template from a legacy template and I believe that is problem. I will set up a new S-D template from Pyramix 10.2. and go from there.

Thank you again for responding
Dominick Maita
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Re: Time Stretch mouse pointer

Postby Dominick Maita » Fri Oct 27, 2017 20:22

OK.... I've built a new Souce-Destination template from scratch and everything works perfectly. All good now

Thank you for your help

Dominick Maita
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