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Pyramix 11 - DSD - on iFi audio external interface

PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 15:52
by damiano

I would like to share how to set-up Merging's Pyramix (confirmed on version 11) to work with (almost) every external audio interface - working with native DSD.
System: Windows 10 with all latest updates.
It is based on iFi Audio iDAC2 USB interface - cheap, small but powerful interface with native DSD support

First off all you should download:

1) install Jplay


in "Playing Via" choose your interface - important thing - it should support DOP256 and ASIO 2.2 in general.

2) Install foobar2000 and foo_dsd_asio and configure as follow:


it configure foo_dsd_asio to work with jplay by default - I think:)

3) in Virtual studio settings choose driver name: foo_dsd_asio


4) Start P11... it took a while but it starts:)

then you'll see active all DSD projects:


and all features are working and available:



OK - P11 interface needs some minor tweaking on mixer side - like channel routing to external interface or something but we get fully working Pyramix with DSD audio played back on cheap external audio interface.
I think it should work with almost all similar interfaces - try, configure and enjoy!
and let me know if it is work:)

I only noticed that when I start playing DSD file there are several drops at the very beginning appear - two+, but maybe I must do some other tweaks. Nothing important in fact:)