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Error message "Encountered an improper argument"

PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 23:00
by destinationsound
We were doing some recording in DSD mode. Afterwards we did some editing on those tracks and were getting the error message "Encountered an improper argument"

at a certain point it was 20 of those errors in a row, as soon as you touched anything with the mouse it would go crazy, just had to quit.

Were using Pyramix ver 9.1.8 with a Hapi

Below are the notes from the Engineer at the time

I've started using the track assign capability on each track so that I can switch active tracks on and off so I can have way more than 8 tracks in a session (but only 8 can play at a time). I also turned on the one file per track feature so you don't get 5 or 8 or whatever channel interleaved files that you can't split up.

Yesterday when we wanted to record a second piano track the only inputs and outputs available without changing how things came up on the console were ch2 and ch8. It recorded fine but then I tried to move the files to consecutive tracks and change the outs to 2 and 3 instead of 2 and 8.

it was fine until I started editing and then those error messages came up

I didn't realize what was going on at the time

I figured out the workaround later that night. I had to DSD render it (which makes it a single interleaved file)

Concurrently we had another problem that may or may not have been caused by that error (I don't think it's related). When I switched back to DSD after DXD and reconfigured the mixer I got no sound out of the Hapi even though the mixer showed levels. A reboot didn't fix it
I ended up having to switch back and forth to DXD 2 times to get it back. It would play fine in DXD