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Help with Pyramix concepts

Posted: Wed Feb 16, 2005 01:51
by Vini
Hi Guys,
I'm a expierienced DAW user (PT, DP, Logic) and I'm trying to get my chops together on Pyramix.

Track & channel names.

Name a channel and the tracks that are assinged to that Channel get the same name?
So if you have DiaA, DiaB and DiaC on three tracks and send them to Ch 1 and rename that mixer channel DiaComp the three individual track names get changed to DiaComp. Why would I want my individual tracks to change their label?

File Names:

Having the ability to add specific text and incremental take #'s to your filenames is very useful, I have to use Quickeys to do this in PT and it's pretty much manditory for keeping film scoring sessions files organized and easy to find for music editors. But am I missing something in Pyra.
When I check the "Prefix with Track Names" in the Proj Info & Settings
the track names are shown in the session but when I look at the files in the media folder tha track name isin't included. Is there a way to get the track name stamped into the file on the disk?

Thanks Vini