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Audition in Media manager ?

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 02:27
by RickTarrant
You would think after using Pyramix for 7 years i would know some of the rudimentary auditioning audio in the media manager...but alas....
I just migrated over to a new machine with Windows 10 and I thought I had move all of my settings. So far everything is working well without any drama. but i can't make heads or tails of the manual when it comes to the monitor settings.

Dearly beloved, a kick in the right direction would be appreciated. :roll:


Re: Audition in Media manager ?

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 14:24
by fl
To audition a file from the Media Manager or more accurately, in the Media Manager's Trimmer, you need only to click on the file to highlight it, and then hit the space-bar to get it to start playing. There should be no need for you to alter your Monitor settings - it should just work.

You can use the Trimmer to get visual feedback that this is indeed what is happening with its little cursor skittering across the display. Pyramix needs to know that your "focus" is indeed the Media Manager, and clicking on the file does this. When you're done, and wish to re-focus back to the main Timeline, you should be in the habit of clicking somewhere in the main window (track headers are good for this) so that Pyramix understands that this is where the focus is now. If you neglect doing this, you can still be focused on the M.M. as far as Pyramix is concerned, and a space-bar tap will still result in (now hidden) Trimmer playback instead of your main Timeline. If I had a nickel for every time I've forgotten to do this...

Unfortunately the Trimmer in the Media Manager has been buggy for years (does this make it a "tradition"?). The menu commands (in the Media Manager) about showing or hiding the Trimmer usually work in reverse (Don't Show results in it becoming visible, Show makes it disappear..., Auto Show works sometimes, not others), so it's best to play about with it to get it to work for the current project. Expect that you'll have to do this every time you re-start Pyramix.

The Trimmer can be re-sized by clicking and holding on its lower margin, then dragging to make it larger or smaller. You can select which tracks you want to hear (in a multitrack, interleaved file), as well as selecting the time range you wish to use when it's "Placed" into the Timeline on a track or tracks. This would be the "Trimming" part...

Re: Audition in Media manager ?

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 17:11
by RickTarrant
Thank you Frank. And thank you for being so active on this board. I will endeavor to be a better PMX citizen myself.
Oddly, it is auditioning just fine this morning like it always did. My guess is that clicking and probing from last night did not take effect until i restarted. It would be nice if PMX had a pop-up telling me that this would not change until a re-start occured.

Anyway, all is right again.