Pyramix Native on Surface Pro 4?

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Pyramix Native on Surface Pro 4?

Postby drfred01054 » Thu Dec 08, 2016 18:06

Greetings from Western Massachusetts!
I don't know if anyone has tried this yet..and perhaps I'm just plain stupid for even considering it, since it would not be in place of my chief remote recording rig (which is a fancy Dell laptop, with RME sound cards in a 4-slot expansion chassis connected via Cardbus, the storage drive connected via FireWire, and backup drive connected via USB), but there are certainly occasions where I'd like to, independently of this "recorder," or the larger setup back in the studio, do stereo work involving simple editing and assembling, where my new little Microsoft Surface Pro 4--with nothing else connected--might be a quick and easy solution. I could just move the dongle over to it, run Pyramix, access the files up on my OneDrive, and proceed.

However, when I try to install Pyramix 9.1.11 (haven't yet upgraded, but plan to after January 1st), the installation seems to proceed normally but, after a certain point, stops and does the reversal, removing all files installed thus far, eventually leaving nary a trace of the attempted installation.

Since this Surface has the latest, upgraded version of 64-bit Windows 10 (for which I do understand Pyramix is not yet certified), I don't know where the problem lies. Is it because I'm trying it with the 64-bit version of 9.1, and would have success if I used Pyramix V. 10? Or is there some more fundamental problem obtaining here, of which I'm unaware.

In other words, has some other brave soul attempted this, with success?

Thank you!

Fred Bashour
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Re: Pyramix Native on Surface Pro 4?

Postby RickTarrant » Wed Mar 01, 2017 17:17

I guess the answer is that no brave soul has ventured down this path. Perhaps with good reason?
I too would find this a handy option.
But most importantly (for me): when will PMX 10 Native be certified on Windows 10?
I am considering building a new PC for the studio but the 7th Gen Intel chip will only run windows 10 and beyond.
Since Microsoft has closed the door on the past it seems counter productive to build yesterday's workstation.

All the best.
Rick Tarrant
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Pyramix 11.0.6 [native]
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Re: Pyramix Native on Surface Pro 4?

Postby DJS » Sat Mar 04, 2017 00:45

Hi Rick, I use PMX on both my recording laptops and my main DAW at home all running W10 happily. I used v9 and now v10.2.

You need to disable driver signing to stop that setup reversal in v9. ... d-drivers/

PMX10 Native has this sorted as it is certified on W8.1.

It will be interesting to get it working on a Surface. These things are getting powerful now.

David Spearritt
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