Difference in sound before/after Internal Bus

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Difference in sound before/after Internal Bus

Postby SoundKlang » Sun Dec 06, 2015 16:10

This is Pyramix 8 (but maybe the same in Pyramix 9?):
The mix goes to the Stereo Master Output Bus, outputs set to Internal Bus 1/2 without dithering, which are inputs for a (not active - 'off') stereo track which is set to direct output to a stereo asio device (and then DA, headphones etc.). To get an idea of the mix after mastering I had some dynamic reduction plugins active in the Stereo Master Output Bus. I noticed the brickwall limiting at -0.1dB works for the Stereo Master Output Bus, but still there are digital overs at the stereo strip (set to 0 dB gain) fed from the Internal Bus. I placed the dynamic plugins with exact same settings on that stereo strip. A/Bing the result with dynamic reduction at Stereo Master Output Bus vs. dynamic reduction at stereo strip I get a slightly better and louder sounding result from the stereo strip version.

Is there any explanation for this? Is the Internal Bus not a 1:1 digital copy of the signal feeding it?

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Re: Difference in sound before/after Internal Bus

Postby rathammer » Wed Dec 09, 2015 13:23


When you say you get "slightly louder" results, is this a subjective feeling or did subtract the mix files from each other to see if they are cancelling out or if there really is a difference in the output?

In my experience, the bus architecture in pyramix is totally transparent, meaning no changes whatsoever by bussing internally. An exception could be pan-laws or the output routing setting in the monitoring section when sending to the DAC via the monitoring section. You can adjust the output level in dB there as far as I remember (in the monitoring configuration page).

But the strange thing is that you get digital overs internally (as I understood). Would you mind posting a screenshot because I am not sure I totally understood your routing.
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