PMX Sounds great - buffer settings?

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Donald S
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PMX Sounds great - buffer settings?

Postby Donald S » Tue Sep 28, 2004 06:59


I am very impressed with pyramix's DAE. Far superior to any that I've tried thus far! Being a former PT guy, I'm new at this buffer setting feature. I did have a problem recording in reverb from an outboard lexicon. The file did not stop recording, but did have 2 drop outs, and was split into 3 regions with some funky time distortion. The send was out a SPDIF and returned via an analog input. I expected some latency, but not a file with missing time. I have the buffers set in the middle (in the general settings) and at 1024 in the interface. Can an incorrect buffe setting cause such a result?

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Don Spaulding
PS - to Silas - I hope to get this taken care of before we meet!
Don Spaulding
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Postby Pyromanic » Tue Sep 28, 2004 11:46

Yes...I'm not familiar with the behaviour of the native version but I think it should be the same than the DSP related version.
You should try to play around with the buffer settings, to find the optimal position for your system and disks. A too big buffer can cause drop outs as a too small can do either. Especially in an IDE environment.
Try to vary the recording block size, also.
Keep the buffer window down at the bottom of Pyramix in eye to see the behaviour at least during playback.
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